This Department is involved in teaching in Oral Medicine and Periodontology during phase III of undergraduate teaching.

Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine is a specialized branch of dentistry which digs into the depth of oral diseases and conditions and their management. Imparting knowledge of “Oral Potential Malignant Diseases” to dental students is a timely requirement. Identification of these precursor lesions at an early stage and timely intervention is of the utmost importance as this will prevent those progressing into oral cancer. 

Other than that, infections of the oral cavity, autoimmune disorders, orofacial pain conditions, temporomandibular joint disorders, salivary gland disorders are some other areas of interest in this department. Dental radiology is also a vital part of Oral Medicine where students will be exposed to the basics of dental radiography, its justified application and utilizing radiographs to arrive at a diagnosis.


Periodontology is the study of the tooth supporting structures: the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and the cementum. Periodontal disease is highly prevalent and a major cause of tooth loss.  This Department has also taken the initiative in the management of periodontal diseases, on par with the latest techniques used in repair and regeneration of damaged periodontal tissues. Further dental implants, which have gained interest around the world to replace missing teeth and management of conditions associated with implants are on the table for dental students to learn new developments in the science behind them.